Taking care of the hospitality by reducing the cost to serve in bank branches.



The nature of the banking sector is undergoing a transformation. While there is an online transactions, the most complex products and services rely on expert advice vis-à-vis.

Today the customer's experience is formed in every single moment and through all the contact points of his interaction with the bank. The bank is no longer just a place where the customer goes, but a set of services accessible anytime and anywhere.


Being able to offer the best operational efficiency by marrying quality of service is a challenge that the banking sector has also undertaken with Kiosk products.


Kiosk offers a range of integrated solutions, centered on customers, that allow  to carry out the work in a better way, with a significant advantage in terms of cost to serve.


A scalable, centralized platform for a better customer-bank dialogue.


For the banking and credit sector, Kiosk presents the Kiosk Hydra Ex and Kiosk Hydra Bank solution.

Kiosk Hydra Ex is the entry level solution of the Kiosk Hydra Customer Flow Management Solution, a CFM platform for large companies distributed in multiple locations (multi-site) and with different services (multi-service).


The Kiosk Hydra platform puts the Bank and  Credit Institution in the ability to monitor and measure the quality of the experience that the customer receives when he comes into contact with his branch. An increasingly multi-channel customer and therefore able to derive considerations and comparisons often rapid and decisive.


The experience in the bank, from the moment you enter when you are served, is a touchpoint too important to be underestimated in the context of the customer journey that the customer makes before making a purchase decision.


The research confirms that the companies that today are able to continually offer a customer experience of excellence obtain tangible business benefits that go well beyond the increase in customer loyalty and profitability.

By adopting the Kiosk Hydra platform, it means adopting a solution that allows you to gain a considerable competitive advantage, conserve and earn customers, as well as differentiate your brand from the competition.

Systems and solutions for a multi-channel bank


The enormous evolution that the banking sector is going through in recent years reflects the change taking place in society, characterized by the increasing digitalisation of services and processes and by the relational multichanality.

Banks are developing their channels and their physical networks with a view to efficiency, accessibility and proximity to customers to fully respond to new needs and in consideration of the specificity of the territory.


In this sense we find the renewed importance of the branch: on the centrality of the reception and the advice to the customer the new branch model is developed, which joins the simplicity and convenience of online operations.

Kiosk offers solutions for today's bank of tomorrow: not simple management systems of expectations and flows but data collection systems for a refined analysis of customer satisfaction.


Kiosk Hydra, with the Kiosk Live Bank module  allows the creation of remote video stores that are perfectly integrated in the customer flow management process. Practically, it puts the bank in a position to open or maintain counters almost everywhere, integrated with digital signage solutions, with signature systems, where the customer always has the opportunity to speak with specific staff for their needs. Not just a simple call center, but a fully operational self-service point, for a vis-a-vis dialogue with the expert in the sector, with printing and signing the documentation with Graphometric Signature or Digital Signature with closure of the practice in all respects.


With Kiosk your bank has everything you need to provide the best possible reception and the best service experience, facilitating contact and dialogue with customers from a business perspective.

Extreme simplicity of management



Kiosk Hydra has been designed to simplify the management of branches, sorting and correctly addressing customers, managing the problems of waiting and queues, raising the standard of service provided through quality monitoring.


A powerful flow manager that provides the tools for a quick overview of the performance of activities at the level of services provided at branches through the use of the newest digital signage technology and the complete centralized management of all offices.


All contents are easily updated. The queues are easily managed and monitored, the management of services and resources made for timely and careful governance.

With Kiosk Hydra we have thought of everything.

A scalable architecture designed for integration.


Kiosk Hydra fully meets the needs of banking institutions, both small and large. It is a modular, flexible and intuitive solution that offers a range of fully integrated functionalities to simplify and automate the management of queues and counter services, both in the single branch and in several branches located throughout the territory.


The scalable architecture makes this system a valid investment for the needs of today and tomorrow. Intelligent queue management and service request overhead are automatically sorted and distributed to ensure the shortest waiting time.


Kiosk Hydra allows the bank to have an overview of the activities in progress and to be able to intervene promptly from any location thanks to the network architecture that allows a centralized administration of services both for single-site and multi-site realities.


Simplification and flexibility for greater care.



Kiosk Hydra also simplifies how to provide customer service.

The past concept of a window with little or no privacy is leaving room for more comfortable locations, where the relationship with the client takes place in an atmosphere of greater confidentiality and attention, and with the help of new tablets and mobile devices.

Kiosk Hydra does not limit the supply to the classic doors with keypad calling systems.

Kiosk Hydra allows you to rethink the mode of service that best lends itself to the concept of your branch, allowing you to do your job and to call the next user to be served in complete mobility.


3 different queueing systems

Kiosk Wallber



Automatic ticket issuer

Wall mount or freestanding

eliminacode per banca e istituto di credito



Information Display

Manage by tablet or mobile phone

Kiosk One Small




Multiservice and multi-branch

Desk display signage

Performing, well finished and suitable for people with disability

eliminacode per banca e istituto credito



Robust and stable kiosk

Bright touch display and intuitive interface for selecting services

Kiosk Elegant



Multiservice call Display

Desk identification Display

eliminacode per filiale banca




Elegant Kiosk printer

Service selection with touch display

Elegant and easily repositionable

Why Kiosk?



Adoption of better quality components and final checks ensure long life for your investment



Many installations in different markets, with different levels of service complexity



Made by us and customized by us, according to your corporate identity and your process or functional needs.

Analysis and coordination


For the optimal design of service and signage logics



To know how to use the system and make the most of the investment



Quick remote support and maintenance for a lasting investment

Satisfied customers.
A common goal.


Kiosk, a leader in digital signage systems and in the development of specific solutions to improve the customer experience and reduce the cost to serve, is able to offer the best available on the market today.

Having satisfied customers is ours and your goal.


Want to know more about Kiosk Hydra or Kiosk Live Bank?


Kiosk Hydra is the most powerful multi-channel integrated CFM solution available today on the market

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eliminacode per banca e istituto di credito
eliminacode per banca e istituto credito
eliminacode per filiale banca
eliminacode per banca e istituto di credito
eliminacode per banca e istituto credito
eliminacode per filiale banca