Queueing Systems for services and multi-utilities companies.


Taking care of reception and reducing waiting times is now an indispensable factor for many companies, especially for multi-utilities. But to be able to offer a high standard of service, it is also necessary to have suitable tools, able to not obstruct the service logic, but to make it clearer to the user and offer the right monitoring and evaluation data for a continuous strategy. improvement and optimization of resources with a Lean perspective.

Kiosk Hydra in the Ex version and in the standard version are the right choice for today's needs.

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Kiosk Hydra - the evolution in the Customer Flow Management



Kiosk Hydra is not just a simple queueing and waiting solution, but an advanced system for managing desk activities, internal communications, queues, with advanced quality measurement tools, which allows you to make decisions based on data and not on hypotheses.

Thanks to this innovative system, the problems related to queues are greatly simplified, while waiting times are reduced and managed effectively.

This system was designed to allow the management of multi-service, multi-branch and multi-site queues, carrying out the task of directing and sorting users directly to the counter for the requested service.

Thanks to digital technology, this user flow management system offers levels of flexibility and efficiency superior to the traditional systems used differently.

Management of reception and resources for efficient services


Kiosk Hydra Ex has been designed to simplify the management of branches, correctly sorting and addressing citizens, managing the problems of waiting and queues, and raising the standard of service provided through quality monitoring.


A powerful flow manager that reduces waiting times, with a correct sorting of users according to service, priority and reservation criteria.


In addition, Kiosk Hydra allows you to have a quick overview of the performance of desk activities, and to communicate promptly, effectively and impact on call displays thanks to the use of the newest digital signage technology.

All contents are easily updated. The queues are easily managed and monitored, the management of services and human resources made for timely and careful governance.

With Kiosk Hydra we have thought of everything to put the service companies in the conditions to better serve their customers.

Service statistics for continuous improvement


In order to offer a quality service it is also necessary to have advanced monitoring and tracking tools. Kiosk Hydra puts you in a position to make strategic decisions based on data and not on the basis of hypotheses.

This is why the large Italian companies that have a benchmark rating have chosen Kiosk Hydra. A scalable, modular platform that allows for efficient analysis and reporting.


Kiosk Hydra has also been designed to meet the highest service standards, and perfectly meet the requirements of the Water Service Law 655/2015 . For more information on this, immediately call 0131.250313

Simplification and flexibility for greater care



Kiosk Hydra also simplifies how to provide customer service.

The past concept of a window with little or no privacy is leaving room for more comfortable locations, where the relationship with the client takes place in an atmosphere of greater confidentiality and attention, and with the help of new tablets and mobile devices.

Kiosk Hydra does not limit the supply to the classic doors with keypad calling systems.


Kiosk Hydra allows you to rethink the mode of service that best lends itself to the structure of your business offices, allowing you to do your job and to call the next user to be served in complete mobility.

Which hardware?

Kiosk One Small




Robust  self-service kiosk

Bright touch display and intuitive interface for selecting services

Performing. stable and easy to maintain

eliminacode per enti municipalizzati



Information display

Desktop signage display

Kiosk Elegant



Multiservice call display

Desk identification display

eliminacode per enti municipalizzati




Elegant design  kiosk

Touch display for service selection

Easy repositionable kiosk

Satisfied customers.
A common goal.


Kiosk, a leader in digital signage systems and in the development and integration of multi-channel customer service solutions, is able to offer the best available on the market today, supporting you in selecting the system best suited to your reality and the service provided. Having satisfied customers is ours and your goal.


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Our consultants are available for all the appropriate analyzes in order to study the best flow management solution for your service location.

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eliminacode per enti municipalizzati
eliminacode per enti municipalizzati